Learning and Decision-Making with Strategic Feedback (StratML'21)

Workshop @ NeurIPS'21

Tuesday, December 14, 2021

Workshop Summary

The workshop aims to create a dialogue between different communities broadly studying the dynamics of decision-making and learning with strategic feedback. Technical topics of interest include, but are not limited to, learning in games and economics, optimization in dynamic environments, strategic classification and performativity, behavioral economics, and social welfare in strategic environments. The goal is to identify common points of interest and open problems in the different subareas, as well as to encourage cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Call for Papers


Francesca Parise
(Cornell University )

Lillian Ratliff
(U. of Washington )

Nir Rosenfeld

Moritz Hardt
(UC Berkeley)

Yang Liu
(UC Santa Cruz)

Navin Kartik
(Columbia University)

Cristobal Cheyre
(Cornell University)

Jon Kleinberg
(Cornell University)

Steven Wu


The workshop will take place virtually on Tuesday, December 14.
A detailed schedule will be provided by the end of October.

Tentative schedule (times are ET):

10:00 am Welcome and opening remarks

10:15 am Invited talks

11:30 am Panel 1: Optimization in games vs optimization in social settings

12:00 pm Contributed talks

12:40 pm Break and Poster session

1:45 pm Invited talks

3:00 pm Panel 2: Strategic classification and modeling of agent behavior

3:30 pm Invited talks

4:45 pm Panel 3: Social implications of strategic behavior

5:15 pm Closing remarks

- Social

Invited Talks

  • Analysis and Interventions in large networks: graphon games and graphon contagion (Francesca Parise)

  • Closing the loop in Machine Learning: Learning to optimize with decision dependent data (Lillian Ratliff)

  • Strategic Classification and the Quest for the Holy Grail (Nir Rosenfeld)

  • Microfoundations of Algorithmic decisions (Moritz Hardt)

  • Revisiting Dynamics in Strategic ML (Yang Liu)

  • Improving Information from Manipulable Data (Navin Kartik)

  • Online intermediation in legacy industries: The effect of reservation platforms on restaurants’ prices and survival (Cristobal Cheyre)

  • Algorithmic Monoculture and Social Welfare (Jon Kleinberg)

  • Leveraging strategic interactions for causal discovery (Steven Wu)

Panel 1

Optimization in games vs optimization in social settings

Francesca Parise
Lillian Ratliff
Nir Rosenfeld

Panel 2

Strategic classification and modeling of agent behavior

Moritz Hardt
Yang Liu
Navin Kartik

Panel 3

Social implications of strategic behavior

Cristobal Cheyre
Jon Kleinberg
Steven Wu


Yahav Bechavod

Hoda Heidari

Eric Mazumdar


Tijana Zrnic

Aaron Roth
(Senior Advisor)